Royal Canadian Mounted Police Flag Party

The RCMP H Division flag party consists of Regular Members (police officers) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who are posted in Nova Scotia.

Each member of the Flag Party volunteers their time to attend parades, concerts, ceremonies and other performances with the RMCP H Division Pipes & Drums. Participating in more than a dozen performances per year, the Flag Party is a highly visible and very popular component of the Pipes & Drums.

Depending on the venue and number of personnel on parade, the Flag Party will carry a variety of flags. Most commonly these are the Canadian, the Province of Nova Scotia, the RCMP Ensign, and the H Division RCMP flags. Flag party members wear the full-dress uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on parade.

Comprised of a red serge tunic, riding breeches, high brown riding boots with spurs, Sam Browne belt, and the iconic Stetson, it is one of the most recognized uniforms in the world.

The Flag Party is under the direction of Corporal Laura Seeley.