Lisburn Young Defenders

SSE Arena, Belfast - 4th - 5th September 2015


Lisburn Young Defenders Flute Band will make their debut performance in The Belfast Tattoo in September 2015.

Lisburn Young Defenders Flute Band is comprised mainly of members from the local area, although they also have members from as far a field as Portadown and Ballymena. The band currently play wooden simple system flutes, using Eb Piccolo, Bb Flute and F Flutes. "LYD" is primarily a marching band but also takes part in various Indoor Contests and Competitions. They have been Melody Flute Champions of Ireland in 2000, 2001 and 2003. This achievement is a long way from the musical ability of the band at the time of its formation in 1970.

In May 1971 the band amalgamated with the Sam Anderson Memorial Flute Band.

The band is currently made up of around 30 members. At the moment young members are making their way through learner's classes with some of the flute tutors available to the band. The band is always interested in attracting new members whether they be young, old, experienced, or have never lifted an instrument in their lives. They take pride in seeing members learning and improving, working their way from the first night in a learner's class to winning an Irish Championship in the Ulster Hall.