Historical Flag Wavers Of Contrada Di Cori (Italy)

SSE Arena, Belfast - 4th - 5th September 2015

 The "History of flag-waving Contradas of Choirs" born in September of 1976, thanks to the determination of young people willing to spread the ancient game of flag. 
Taking the cue from the local holidays, which is first mentioned as early as the sixteenth century. and linked to traditions and folklore are rich in color, but strictly entitled by documentation issued by the "Acta", the "History of flag-waving Contradas Cori" include and develop the cultural message of the 'old' Gens Corana "to propose it and spread it through flag in the world. 
The setting is made, rather than the individual elements, the harmony of the whole group that can admirably artifice spectacle of flags in a crescendo of pirouettes, jumps and exchanges, so as to create pyrotechnic color effects.

The experience gained from continued participation in traditional events of national and international, is the absolute guarantee of professionalism and seriousness with which the group performs each of its commitment, nurturing their culture through direct contact and spreading throughout the world the name and the age-old tradition ancient CORA. 
The group of International Folk "History of flag-waving Contradas Cori" consists in its staff by 'Bishop, the Trumpeters, Drummers from the flag-waving and the same.

By virtue of its magnificent Renaissance costumes, sounds and games admirable and imaginative than the flag-waving can create, re-create the group as if by magic atmosphere of the distant and unknown people. The clear sound of the trumpets, the roll of drums rhythm, form a natural backdrop to 'Flags of evolution that deftly maneuvered draw ancient figures particularly impressive and spectacular.

At this point, the show becomes, both in procession through the streets, and in the theaters a 'display of color, strength, d' abilities, amazing, wonder and enhances the viewer, forcing him to the end of the performance to show his approval with a natural burst of enthusiasm.