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Cahard - ODYSSEY ARENA - 4th - 5th - 6th September 2014
Imagine a triangle joining  Saintfield, Ballynahinch and Crossgar in Co Down. Look for a point in the middle of this space - that's the townland of Cahard. There's been a flute band here since at least 1892, so today's band and its members represents over 120 years of local history,  music making, tradition and community life, as well as the future.

Today's Cahard Flute Band is the flute and percussion equivalent of a brass band or orchestra, with instruments of different shapes and sizes - from piccolo to contra bass - playing different musical parts.

The band has recently produced a CD entitled 'Tribute', which is dedicated to the memory of Debbie Jordan who died in a tragic traffic accident while parading with the band in 2009.

Thankfully, there have been more happy than sad days and Cahard Flute Band competes regularly in contests and competitions. Like all bands it has enjoyed success and failure in these events but, whatever the outcome, it always returns to compete again.

In 1987 Cahard Flute Band was the first flute band to win an Irish Championship under the direction of a female conductor.

The Band is part of community life in the Saintfield area and beyond, where it plays regularly at concerts, church services, parades and more.

Playing at the Balfast Tattoo is not the first time that Cahard Flute Band has formed part of a massed flute band. In 1992, as part of its centenary celebrations, the Band invited players from other bands to form a massed band. This band, consisting of 130 flute players and 15 percussionists, created a memorable spectacle as it paraded through the village of Saintfield.