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Hunter Moore Memorial - ODYSSEY ARENA - 4th - 5th - 6th September 2014

Currently the band is overseen by a number of Committe members.  Robert Moffett is the Chairman, Fred Elliot is vice chairman, I am the Secretary and Brian Berry arranges the majority of our music.  He also conducts the Band and gets us ready for contests etc.  Brian also is a key player in the band and when we are entering competions, doing concerts etc. James Murray from Ballynahinch takes over as Conductor.  He fine tunes the band and has been with us for just over three years.  Under Brian and his direction, the band has steadily improved and we came third in the 2013 NIBA World Championship Grade Flute Band Competition.  This is the first time in a number of years we have been placed in the top three in either the NIBA or Flute Band League contests and we hope to build on this success.

On the road our Bandmaster is Alan Berry and he decides what we play and who plays each part.  We have strong links with Searce Orange Lodge who we take every 12th July and have done so as long as I've been in the band (over 25 years) and beyond.  Many of our members are also Orangemen with the majority of our Orangemen belonging to Sheepbridge.  

Most of our current band members are "lifers" and have been in the band for over 20 years.  We also have a number of members who have been in the band for 50 years including Joseph Berry, Raymond Clarke, Samuel Berry, William Berry, Harry Berry, Bill Rees and Eric Clydesdale (All except William plan to attend the Tattoo).  The main difficulties we face are attracting and keeping young people in the band.  Simliar to other bands of our type, we find that young people tend to favour Blood and Thunder bands though we currently have around 50 members in the band and 6 younsters in our learner class who are coming on steadily.  We are always looking for new members young or old and we will teach our learners to read music and general music theory.  We will also put them through their grades if they wish.

We intend on purchasing new uniforms this year and will be taking part in the 2014 Belfast Tattoo which we are really looking forward to.  

The Band visited the Somme on our 125th anniversary and are having our 130th anniversary this year and we hope to go back to the Somme in the future.