Brookeborough - ODYSSEY ARENA - 27th & 28th Spptember 2013


Based in the village of Brookeborough, Co Fermannagh, the band are a flute band in the terms of which Sir James Galway would understand from his days in Onward Flute Band.

With a strong community base and a strong belief in giving young people a strong base from which to learn their instrument but also perform on a wide variety of stages. The quality of their music and the strong sense of being UlsterScots, has seen them travel to London, Scotland as well as all parts of Ulster.

Stephen Crooks recently appointed conductor of Brookebourgh Flute Band is currently studying at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. Studying Music Performance on the tuba, Stephen has taken to playing with The National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, The European Youth Brass Band 2010 Linz Austria and to conducting various musical ensembles throughout Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Stephen, through hard work and guidance, has developed into one of the province's finest young players, which is evident from results in examinations and solo competitions. He has had experience in different cultures of music, touring with ensembles taking him to France, Germany, Belgium, Norway and Poland. Stephen, who is now in his third year of studies, has proved that he is a very capable conductor with a good personality who can communicate well with young people and also the young at heart.