Roger Young - ODYSSEY ARENA - 27th & 28th Spptember 2013
I have been involved with Pipe Bands all my life, with an association to the role of Drum Major since the age of 5. My dad introduced me to Drum Majoring and I joined the band that he was a member of; Syerla Pipe Band. I began competing at the age of 8 in the Novice Juvenile Section and began to win various prizes within the next couple of years. As I got older and moved up the various grades and I won numerous titles both in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The pinnacle of this winning was the juvenile grade world championship in 1988, 1989 and 1990. In 1991 I moved into the top grade in Drum Majoring, the Adult Grade and was fortunate enough to carry on with my success. I had various successes of my years in this grade but the most prestigious was winning the world championships in 1992. At this stage, I had moved to become drum major of the Graham memorial pipe band and then in 1994 I was honoured to become the drum major of the royal Ulster constabulary pipe band. My second world championship title was attained in 1995 as was the cowal championship in the same year. I retied from competing in 1998 and attained a place on the RRSBA judging panel in 2001. I have judged at all the major championships, including the world championships. Aside from pipe bands I live in county Armagh Northern Ireland and I have been married to Linda for 10 years and have 2 children, Katie and Billy. I graduated in Business Studies from university of Ulster and am employed as a civil servant for Armagh City and District Council. I am also a qualified referee with the Irish Football Association and spend the winter months on the football pitch.