Success Lion and Dragon Dancers - ODYSSEY ARENA - 27th & 28th Spptember 2013
Success Lion and Dragon Dance Association is a non-profit organisation promoting better health and the spread of Chinese culture in Northern Ireland. They teach the Chinese martial art known as Hung Fut Pai, and the Chinese Lion and Dragon Dances to people of every age, race, religion, gender and culture.

Lion Dance originated 1500 years ago during the rule of the Tang Dynasty, 618-906 AD. It is now believed that the ferocious lion will scare away all the bad luck and bring good luck to all those present!

Success Lion Dance began in 2005 at Belfast Metropolitan College and opened its first society at Queen??ᬮ?묢s University Belfast in 2008. Since then they have performed at many events including Chinese New Year celebrations across the country, restaurant openings and St. Patricks Day Parades. The Grandmaster Celebration held in Hong Kong each year sees Success Lion and Dragon Dance Association along with other Hung Fut Pai schools, showcase their Lion Dance and Kung Fu skills.

Success Lion Dance also performed to welcome to Ireland Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, Master of Masters of Chen Wu Shu and who has been nominated as one of the World??ᬮ?묢s Most Influential People.