Aughintober - ODYSSEY ARENA - 27th & 28th Spptember 2013
Aughintober Pipe Band comes from Castlecaulfield, which is a small village in Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Originally a flute band which was formed to lead the local Aughintober Orange Lodge, the transition to pipes was made in 1949. The tradition of leading the local Lodge still continues to this day. From its early days until the late 1990's the band particpated in parades in local villages and towns and the 12th of July festival.

However, in 1997 the band joined the RSPBA and took part in its first competiton in Newc astle Co.Down. Our young Drum Major at the time Ryan Ferry had started competing a year earlier. Since its inception in 1949 until today the band has always had a very strong link to the community, with local families providing the majority of band membership.

The band continues to teach local children piping and drumming on a weekly basis. In addition to its competition workload the band also takes an active part in local community events such as church functions, charity concerts, festivals and parades. Today it is a much changed organisiation with the band now competing in Grade 3A. Along the journey from 1997 until today, the band and its members have collected 7 World titles on top of various British, European, All-Ireland, Ulster & Champion of Champion awards.