Dungannon Silver Band - ODYSSEY ARENA - 27th & 28th Spptember 2013

Dungannon Silver Band was formed in 1902 out of the local Conservative Flute Band and in its early years was known as Dungannon Brass and Reed Band, due to the addition of some available woodwind instruments. It was out of action during the two 'Great Wars' During WWI, when volunteers went off to join the Ulster Division, the band played the 260 strong contingents to the local Railway Station where they discovered that only five members remained, the instruments having to be stored until their return.

The band reformed after V.E day in 1945, taking part in the V.J Celebrations of that year. During the following years the size of the band increased under the baton of their longest serving conductor, Mr Sidney Bleakley (1947-2000). Apart from Sidney they have had some illustrious conductors such as Sam Hood (1902-1914), Henry Noble (1914-1947), Kenneth MaAree A.T.C.L (2000-2007), Freddie Mitchell BMUS (Hons), and their present conductor Boris Pinto.

Today the band is one big family of dedicated musicians, talking pleasure in the enjoyment of music, but also as a service, giving back into the community helping to retain our culture and identity. The Band, takes part in numerous community based events, youth, church, other commemorative parades and play Summer Sunday concerts at public parks throughout Northern Ireland. Their energetic youth band is a rich pool of resources and is taught by an enthusiastic team.

The band also boasts a vocal 'choir' within their ranks that complement their already impressive talents. They perform from an eclectic breadth and depth of repertoire and continue to give delight to all who hear them.